INTO THE LION’S DEN – Wenda Takes on Dallas Mega-Church’s Santa Fe Invasion

by Wenda Watch

      Well, Miss Wenda put on the biggest, pinkest, most glitteriest thing she could find, made a big sign that said, “God Loves Me” on one side “And Jesus thinks I’m Fabulous!” on the other, and headed down to the new Santa Fe Convention Center.

God LOVES her!

Jesus thinks she's FABULOUS!

     When the people from the Dallas Bible Church holding their hate rally in the guise of Jesus’ love approached me and told me I was welcome to come in I told them “I know. It’s MY community center. I live here.” When they said that they are just here to praise Jesus and “don’t hate anyone” I asked then why did their website say that the “Homosexual explosion” had turned Santa Fe into a new Sodomy and Gomorrah and it’s river had dried up like the city’s morals and they would pray for Santa Fe’s sins and when our morals returned the river would flow again. ”  They SERIOUSLY asked me, “What website?” I told them and they just stared at me. This happened more than once! I asked them “Don’t you know what this group is?? Haven’t you researched who these people that have come into OUR home to tell us how we are living is wrong are??? If they ask you to drink the kool aid; are you going to???”

    One girl said, “but its in the Bible” and I said, “Yes, and in the same paragraph in Leviticus saying its a sin it also says that eating shellfish, wearing blended fabrics and having sex with a women while she is menstruating is just as big a sin. Have you done any of those?  I believe your “Revive Santa Fe” t-shirt is a cotton-poly blend there. The bible is not a buffet, we don’t get to pick and choose what we like and don’t like!” No response. (I was really amazed at how little these people really knew. How much, when given the facts, they were unable to back up wheat they were doing there.)

    Finally, when the head honcho came out and again told me I was welcome inside, I told him “I know I am, ITS MY COMMUNITY CENTER! I live here! And honey, I just moved from Dallas a year ago and I know how it rolls too.” He smiled and said, “Its a great city isn’t it?” and I said, “Yea, but let me ask you, doesn’t the Bible say “Pick the plank from your eye before picking the splinter from mine?” “Yes it does.” said the Texan. “Well apply it” I said. “This city is the oldest in the country. Over 400 years old and we are doing just fine. You go get Dallas cleaned up and sin free. THEN come back and see us.” 

    Once the line was substantial enough, I said so everyone could hear, “The real reason I am here is because the suicide rate amongst lesbian and gay youth is extremely higher than any other minority and it is because when life is bad enough and they feel they have no one to turn to and should be able to take comfort in the love of God, you people tell them He hates them instead, and THAT IS A CRIME! No matter what you do you CAN NOT convince me that God doesn’t love me exactly as I am and for you to use God’s love as a weapon against people different than you must be a sin bigger than any other I can think of.”

    Someone said, “God DOES love you, he hates the homosexual act!” I said, “If God is all love then how can He hate?” They had no answer. It was time to go inside and they again invited me in. I apologized and said I had to go put my “Christ Consciousness” into action and had volunteered to go work on a show for the Santa Fe Recovery Center helping alcoholics and addicts. (Yea I know, talk about me playing the martyr card but those people eat that kind of shit up and it shut them up thinking I wouldn’t come see what they were about because I was actually DOING something to help others! hee hee) I told them that I hoped they would think about what I had said and to remember  the only time Jesus got mad is when he went to church!

    If nothing else, there was a high school girl waiting to go in that I looked over at and she smiled and did a tiny hidden waive to me barely moving her fingers. Maybe she will know that God loves her for whoever she is.  AND YOU TOO!

  Okay enough – the newspaper story is below. How they didn’t use a picture of me, I’ll NEVER know!!!!  LOL Have a great day!!!–Mission-is-one-of-love

The email below is an open letter that I sent to Kyle Martin, head of Revive Santa Fe,  which is the group sent up here from Dallas Bible Church (DBC) to ‘save‘ Santa Fe.

Dear Mr. Martin,
    Well I heard we had some out of state visitors to our new convention center and I wanted to go down and welcome ya’ll to OUR city like a good hostess should so I put on my prettiest pink dress and went  down to MY new convention center to see your Texas group there.  Took LOTS of GREAT pictures too!  Although it is a clever guise you are using wanting to pray for Santa Fe’s river that has “dried up like our morals” And how the “homosexual explosion” has ruined our community unfortunately your concern just  doesn’t ring true.
    You see, I moved from Dallas over a year ago and I gotta tell ya Kyle; you really have some nerve thinking OUR city needs help.  Not only is our city 400 years old and doing quite well but Kyle honey, we don’t even have a GAY NIGHTCLUB in our town.  Dallas??? Please.  Because I believe God is pure love and therefore cannot hate anything or anyone I’m not always on the look out for cities full of sinners that need savin’ but since you do you might want to take the Biblical quote “Remove the timber from your eye before plucking the splinter from mine” and apply it.
    Unfortunately, looking deeper and knowing from past experience that most of these new Wal-Mart churches’ motives (like DBC) and the Zealots that lead it (whom The Bible also tells us to steer clear of) are usually not on the  fundamental side so much as they are on the fiduciary me thinks that Dallas just can’t support another “mega-church” and upon looking around and surveying the land several bells and whistles went off when asking yourselves two questions: “Where is there a place with 1) wealth and 2) no mega churches? ”  and “Santa Fe” was the response that came back.
    Now honey,  I believe in free speech and since I want to have the right to live me life the way I like I must respect the fact that you have the right to live yours as you like. But just as I don’t come to your house and try and dress you in drag or force you to date a man because I think its right, don’t be coming into my home and try and force what YOU think is right on me.
      You know,  when I hear of gay and lesbians teens time and again committing suicide (their suicide rate is disproportionately higher than any other teen group) because at a time in their life when they are already so confused and troubled then to add the confusion of possibly being gay to that and feeling they have nowhere to turn and the only place they may have to find comfort is in God’s love and you come along and tell them they don’t have that either because God hates them is nothing short of a crime.  Using God’s love as a weapon against people different than you is, if I believed as you do, probably the greatest sin I can imagine.  I know, I know “God loves everybody he hates the homosexual act”  as many of your people tried to explain to me as I marched up and down Marcy street with my “God Loves Me and Jesus thinks I’m Fabulous!” sign. Blah Blah Blah. You are still singling out the homosexual as not being perfect whole and complete and just as God made them, which is not true.
      Being such an avid Bible reader as I am sure you are Kyle certainly you know that the same book of the Bible, Leviticus, that says that homosexuality is a sin also says eating pork or shrimp, shaving, wearing blended  fabrics and having sex with a women while menstruating is just as evil a sin. SOOOO,  just our of curiosity Kyle, ever get all showered and shaved, slip into a cotton-poly blend shirt and slacks to go eat at Red Lobster and have a romantic evening to help soothe your grouchy wife???
    Well that’s FOUR in one evening!  Us poor gays just have the one sin. (Unless of course WE get cleaned up and go eat Red Lobster with our boyfriends. But that’s still only 3 sins since we, as men, don’t menstruate and RARELY wear a cotton poly blend!  And eating at Red Lobster is kinda questionable too so we might just have the two sins [shaving and gay sex] to your four. ) Jeez!  Come to think of it. Maybe we need to be praying for you all.  My God! Every day there are millions of middle class straight people in strip malls and road side BBQ stands around the country that are just blindly sinning their way to hell and flinging their Kathy Lee Gifford sports apparel and McRib sandwiches right into the face of God!! 
      The Bible is not a buffet, friend. We can not pick and choose what we want and leave what we don’t so if you are gonna pursue this “pray for the gays” thing you better get your act in order quick! Or better off, just admit you don’t like fags and quit hiding behind Jesus’ robes. Heck, I would respect that a whole lot more than this, I mean at least its honest.  Or, as I suspect is the case, just come out of the damn closet and quit taking your self hatred and internalized homophobia out on the rest of us and give me a break because, to me, and I am serious about this what you are practicing is a form of terrorism.
    Coming into someone else’s town and home, uninvited, and deciding that how they are living is wrong and your way is right and then forcing your ideas, concerns and religious beliefs on them while telling them that they need to be saved and that by thinking like you do and acting like you do they will be happier and their city will be better is, quite simply, terrorism and right now there is only one thing the entire country agrees on and that is “We won’t let the terrorist win.”
    Go home Kyle. Save YOUR city. Save YOUR soul or better yet be a real Christian and just do the two things Jesus asked of us: Love God with all your heart and love one another and let’s leave the judging up to HIM.  Have a safe trip back and come back next year for Zozobra. If you are lookin’ for somethin’ else to pray for Santa Fe about have we got a pagan ritual for you!!

Miss Wenda Watch

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  1. Jens says:

    Hello there,
    From a Christian perspective other than that of these mega-church people you’re dealing with, I wanted to mention two things you said that seemed to indicate an unawareness about certain aspects of Christian theology. With regards to this quote from your article: “Someone said, “God DOES love you, he hates the homosexual act!” I said, “If God is all love then how can He hate?”
    The idea that God “can hate” is widely miscontrued if thought of in the sense that humans, for example, can hate. A way to make sense of what your fervent adversaries could mean, if that had used their brains, by the idea that ‘God can hate the act’, is that we, as God’s creation, are made for a certain purpose. That purpose relates to our relationship with God. A sin is an action that transgresses a person’s very self, that is, the self designed for a certain purpose. The claim, then, is not that God hates certain acts arbitrarily but rather that certain acts do not correspond to the reality of the human person.
    Also, you said: “I told them that I hoped they would think about what I had said and to remember the only time Jesus got mad is when he went to church!” But Jesus never went to a church, because the concept of church (ekklesia) that eventually led to both Catholic cathedrals and mega-churches, for instance, was actually started at the end (and because) of Jesus’ ministry on earth. You seem to be referring to his visit to the temple, when he “went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves”.

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