THE COMING INSURRECTION – The Invisible Committee

By Patricia Sauthoff

The insurrection is coming! The insurrection is coming! The insurrection is…probably not actually coming.

In spite of the bitch fit thrown by conservative pundit Glenn Beck in July of 2009, The Coming Insurrection (pdf) is little more than an intellectual exercise that’s a fun read and offers an idealism as obvious as Beck’s own conservative utopia.

Does The Coming Insurrection include, as Beck has been informed (watch the video above, please. It shows Beck at his opportunistic best.) a call to arms. Technically, yes. But it also offers the advice that arms should be borne so as to assure they aren’t used. And though Beck again is technically correct when he spits out with bigotry “France of all places” the French who wrote this book are not the intellectual powerhouses the right loves to hate.

The truest piece of writing in The Coming Insurrection, comes in the book’s first paragraph, which states:

From whatever angle you approach it, the present offers no way out. This is not the least of its virtues. From those who seek hope above all, it tears away every firm ground. Those who claim to have solutions are contradicted almost immediately. Everyone agrees that things can only get worse.

It is this claim that begins what then becomes something of an offered solution. But what would truly terrify Beck, if he were to take the time to actually read the book (I assume he hasn’t because, despite his promise to do so and follow-up, he used his audience’s lack of attention or care to leave the book further undiscussed) is not the call to arms but the attempt to get people thinking about the world that surrounds them and to act.

By delving into marketing, entertainment, family and the environment, the Invisible Committee hopes to prove to its readers that we are in a dire state. Rather than fix what exists — government, corporate culture, etc. — it instead tells people to mobilize.

But this mobilization is where the argument falls apart — though it must be said that two of the four points listed above, marketing and entertainment, found themselves more coherently and thoroughly demonized in Naomi Klein’s No Logo. The Committee acknowledges that these communes must rely on money to survive. The Committee does not offer a solution outside of the paradigm in order to tear the paradigm down, but rather a fringe group that is dependent on said paradigm for its very survival.

While The Coming Insurrection is an enjoyable theoretical puzzle it is simply that. Theoretical. The ideas put forth by the Invisible Committee are unrealistic and, frankly, the kind of idealism that comes from the bored, educated, politically left, upper class. A group so self-unaware that it spends its time calling for revolution while it travels the globe sipping wine and eating cheese that would cost a typical American worker half a day of pay.

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  2. seedymartini says:

    I would like to retitle your article as: painfully failed attempt at intellectual thoughtfulness. What exactly was the point of your review of this Glenn Beck program, or the book in question, at all? To make your vapid ideas known to the world, to verbally masturbate?

    And the fact is, that your conclusions missed the mark so severely, it doesnt seem you understood anything you saw or heard in the slightest. It seems your perspective is so skewed toward the absurd, that you cannot compute anything normal. I think you have brain damage. You shouldnt be critiquing something that you clearly didnt understand.

  3. The Invisible Committee says:

    “Rather than fix what exists — government, corporate culture, etc. — it instead tells people to mobilize.”

    That’s because we understand that the working class has no interest in fixing the State and the structure of captalism–the very mechanisms that are oppressing us. We have every interest in watching these fantastic machines of death fall apart, if not a compelling interest in displacing the cogs ourselves. Reforming the system benefits the upper class, as it allows them to continue their domination. Luckily for us the upper class seems largely bent on pursuing a course of self-destruction, and we will use this in our favor.

    “The Committee acknowledges that these communes must rely on money to survive. The Committee does not offer a solution outside of the paradigm in order to tear the paradigm down, but rather a fringe group that is dependent on said paradigm for its very survival.”

    I suggest you re-read our book. It seems you missed some things. We acknowledge the practical realities of surviving in the current system. Working jobs we hate, shoplifiting and squatting are all temporary solutions. The idea of the commune in our thought is informal. It is invisble, and it is pervasive. Growing the communes means constructing ways of life outside and set against the capitalist structure. People feeding each other, sharing time, sharing money, sharing skills, sharing education, sharing advice, sharing services. The things that COMMUNities used to do, back before late capitalism destroyed these things by making all of parts of life a commodity to be sold.

    “The ideas put forth by the Invisible Committee are unrealistic and, frankly, the kind of idealism that comes from the bored, educated, politically left, upper class.”

    Idealism has become a dirty word for those who would rather resign themselves to the enormity of the Spectacle rather than accept any responsibility for perpetuating or destroying it.

    Are we bored? Yes, we are bored. Some bored from unemployment, bored from working arduous hours. Some bored from the cubicle, others from the body shop. We are bored of Western civilization because it is a mockery, a silicone imitation of life.

    Are we educated? Sure, a lot of us are. The idea that the educated person must somehow be out of touch with the populace is a fiction used to encourage the working class to remain ignorant. While we are critical of academia, we reject anti-intellectualism.

    As far as your assertion that we are all upper class, I don’t know where your source is for that. We comprise many different backgrounds. There are plenty of us who have never had the opportunity to travel anywhere or fancy and wine and cheese and have known nothing but a working class or underclass existence.

  4. Ultralazer says:

    Wow. Theory has become a derogatory word. When did that happen?

    I don’t think you understand the purpose of theory in radical communities. Reducing texts to their practical applications seems silly, as does reducing the authors to your theoretical attributions of their class and privilege.

    You didn’t do much better than Beck, frankly. This whole writing about novel subjects doesn’t work when you can’t parse it worth shit.

    Ever try reading a text through its culture?

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