BROADSHIRT – Phyllis Segura’s Wearable Magazine

by Red Cell

Broadshirt was a wearable magazine, printed on t-shirts, form the early to mid 1990s. The magazine’s slogan read, “Poems are the Real News”. Artist, designer, journalist and photographer Phyllis Segura was the mastermind behind the short lived, limited edition shirts. She is also well known for founding and co-editing the video journal, “Radical Software”, founded in 1970. Segura was an early pioneer in both holography and video art. She currently lives in New York State as a painter and is writing a cookbook.

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  1. phyllis segura says:

    Thanks for posting this! Except for the first mistake, calling it Broadside, this is great. The first issue was The Beats and I think I posted a photo. They are all collectors items now and only a few left. I’m told the Beat issue disintegrates upon viewing…

  2. phyllis segura says:

    Oh, the Beat issue is shown. Yes, this was short-lived, only five years. There was a 6th edition, when the Iraq mess started, called the No War issue that Fotofolio wouldn’t produce (they printed all but the first one) because they said they didn’t like the design and not because it was anti-war. If anyone would like to produce and distribute it I would be game, afterall the war still goes on. And I still have all the permissions from all the poets from Poets Against the War. We were (the poets and me) rather disappointed that they would not print this one, to say the least. Someone else was interested but they didn’t have the distribution system necessary or the funds. T-shirts as a literary format is difficult as book stores are not interested. I always wanted to put Broadshirt’s into a book formatted box that could stand on a shelf. You don’t have to wear it. Thanks again for picking this up.

  3. Great work !

    Poets House :
    do kindly sell
    these Broadshirts

    Love Bill Murray
    in this

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