TRUUS DE GROOT – Listen to Rare Cassette & Read Truus’ Thoughts on the Album!

by Red Cell

This is a very rare, out of print cassette from legendary underground musician Truus de Groot. It is her at her most experimental and is seemingly improvised. The recordings are mainly from 1979, but the tape was released in 1980. Truus plays the Steim crackle box, korg, putney and rhythmbox, guitar, plastic toy guitar, organ, flute, i.c. mic. television and echo system. Even though the tape states to ‘play it mono’, many of the trax are in stereo and, as a result, some of the songs will appear in only one channel while others will be in both. There is no mention of this cassette on Truus’ site, but you can purchase many of her other albums there. The quality of the cassette is low, but is still worth listening to. As the album progresses, the quality improves somewhat and the music becomes less minimalist. The trax “Herhalingen”, “So” and “Stratego” caught my ear in particular.

The End of Being asked Truus to tell us any memories she might have about this album. This is her reply:

At that time it was a common thing to self publish your sounds with cassettes, honestly I didn’t really remember it when I saw it first, it’s been a while. I found it myself recently on the blog “No Longer forgotten music”. I immediately remembered everything about it. For instance the typewriter I used to type the cover, the picture of the big fan. I know why I noted play mono, actually recently figured this out. I was recording it with a two track reel to reel and had no means to mix, do it went on the cassette just like that. In my young mind I thought it sounded better blended, but now I would see it sounds better separated in Stereo. Funny… Anyway, I would just sit in my flat and record silly crap all day, sometimes with friends but often alone. Michel Waisvisz gave me the Crackle Synth and Putney and other friends lend me other things like a Mini Moog, drum machine etc. Additionally I would grab whatever I could. If I am not mistaken, I also recorded a good portion of this in Wally van Middendorp’s (Minnipops & Plurex owner) room. We were friends and I would visit him and pretty much do the same thing I did at home. On the cassette I named myself “Truss”, I did that because many of my UK and US corresponding friends would spell it like that, so I thought OK, maybe that’s more exotic. Truus after all is a super common name in Holland. I digress. At the same time I was also in Nasmak (78), but I quickly got bored and frustrated with the lack of improvisation and experimentation and started my own thing and named it Plus Intruments, or + Instruments. Often recruiting different people but also often as a solo. I would perform live like that too, just have a bunch of odd instruments and just do it. My experimental side influenced Nasmak more and more, but eventually Holland became too small for me so I moved to the US. You can read more here:
I hope this helps. Truus

You can also check out her new project, The Salton Sea, right here!


Truus de Groot – “Lucky Day”
[ti_audio media=”5925″]

Truus de Groot – “Music-zak”
[ti_audio media=”5926″]

Truus de Groot – “How?”
[ti_audio media=”5927″]

Truus de Groot – “Herhalingen”
[ti_audio media=”5928″]

Truss de Groot – “You’re A Man”
[ti_audio media=”5929″]

Truus de Groot – “Dance”
[ti_audio media=”5930″]

Truus de Groot – “Untitledimprovisation X9″
[ti_audio media=”5931”]

Truus de Groot – “So”
[ti_audio media=”5932″]

Truus de Groot – “Stratego”
[ti_audio media=”5933″]

From Truus’ Site:

“Truus’ musical career spans over the last 3 decades. Born in Eindhoven , The Netherlands she debuted as a chanteuse just at the beginning of the Punk craze in 1976. Playing in a number of Dutch bands she released her first single in 1979 with a duet called “Plus Instruments”. Playing odd electronic instruments and vocals most of their performances were improvised. She teamed up Michel Waiszvich the inventor of the Crackle Synthesizer in numerous performances. At the same time she was also the lead singer in the popular Dutch New Wave Band “Nasmak”. Who released an album in 1980. But after hundreds of performances all through Europe Truus was looking for more challenges and in 1981 got on a plane to NYC never to call the Netherlands her home again.. Armed with background tapes of electronic percussion she reformed Plus Instruments with Lee Renaldo (now in Sonic Youth) on guitar and David Linton on Drums, while Truus played Bass and sang Lead Vocals. With this line-up they hit the New York club scene, released an Album and on to a European Tour. After returning to the US Truus again reformed the band with a number of musicians always very active on the club scene both in NY and Europe. At the same time she worked on her solo career performing at the famed “Kitchen” in Soho, and playing with Rhys Chatham. In 1983 she hooked up with James Sclavunos ( Lydia Lunch, Sonic Youth, the Cramps and now with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) to start a completely new chapter. She took a U-turn from the Electronic Euro-Beat and temporarily moved to Memphis to start Trigger & the Thrill Kings with Jim Duckworth (Gun Club) playing a very raunchy Blues, country rockabilly mix. Again they toured throughout Europe and the US and released various records. After so many years of touring, and numerous record releases, TV and Radio performances she decided to quit the music business in the late 80’s. Throughout the years she has been creating and recording her music. Some of the songs were recorded by The Vanity Set (James Scalvunos’ new band). In 1998 she married renowned artist Bosko and moved to Escondido, CA. Inspired by Bosko’s love for Polynesian Pop and encouraged by him to share her creations with the world, she finally decided to release a brand new CD entitled Muzotica in 2000. Her most recent follow-up is Rancho Exotica. Both feature a unique take on Exotica Music. Her most recent work is a collaboration with Bosko Hrnjak ” Salton Sea”; it combines photography by Bosko Hrnjak with her own unique sound. In October Truus & Bosko were at the legendary STEIM in Amsterdam for a 2 week residency. During that time they have recorded a good portion of sound for their project. Her most recent release is CD Salton Sink Vol 1 – Salton Sea. For more info please check”

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