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3 Inter-Tangled Films by ADULT.

Thursday, October 28 · 9:00pm – 11:00pm
Location Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue (at 2nd St.) 10003
New York, NY
Created By ADULT.

: running time 40 minutes
TRADITIONS (2010): running time 50 minutes
POSSESSION(S): running time 30 minutes

At this time, this film can not be purchased on DVD. It can only be experienced in person with ADULT. performing the soundtrack live to the film. It premiered October 1st, 2010 in Detroit to a sold out audience.

Detroit electronic duo ADULT. will be presenting a unique evening of original film and live soundtrack performance. the Three Grace(s) triptych is the completed two year affair of artists Nicola Kuperus & Adam Lee Miller. the Three Grace(s) triptych is an unorthodox film trilogy which does not conform to the traditional trilogy format, but relates more to the surrealist …1950 “Orphic Trilogy” by Jean Cocteau had its mythology been placed in enduring horror iconography over Greek legend. The approximately 95 minute presentation consists of three interconnected short films; the first being the silent-experimental-horror mirage DECAMPMENT, which was made in 2008. DECAMPMENT follows a provisional women’s transmigration from her “past” life into a new society full of deceit and fable. The second chapter in the trilogy is entitled TRADITIONS (2010). TRADITIONS follows two young female friends and their matriarchs, all with unknown (and unchosen) inheritances, down four crossed paths. The trilogy concludes with the brand new dark and claustrophobic installment entitled POSSESSION(S) (2010). POSSESSION(S) simultaneously completes and ignores the narrative triad with doubles.

the Three Grace(s) triptych was written, scored, filmed, edited and directed by ADULT. members Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller and will be screened with ADULT. performing the soundtrack live on either side of the screen. For anyone unfamiliar with ADULT. (or with this specific project), this film (and its soundtrack) is in the spirit of John Carpenter (and Alan Howarth), Dario Argento (and Goblin) or Kenneth Anger (and Bobby BeauSoleil). the Three Grace(s) triptych focuses on an aesthetic of midwestern horror and interdisciplinary endeavor.

the Three Grace(s) triptych was filmed entirely in Michigan and incorporates the well-known photographic style of band member Nicola Kuperus, the unusual discomfort of ADULT., as well as their signature musical sound in the original score. ADULT. have released albums on both on their own Detroit label Ersatz Audio and the seminal Chicago label Thrill Jockey.

A night like this does not come time and time again.

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