THE OFF SWITCH – A New Serialized Comic by Mark Beyer

by Mark Beyer and Red Cell

Recently, Mark Beyer (Amy and Jordan, RAW Magazine, Liquid Television) revisited an idea he had developed and abandoned 16 years previously for a graphic, novel-length story called, THE OFF SWITCH. By 1995, Mark had been typed as a certain kind of cartoonist who created a very specific kind of work, and this radical departure from the style he was generally known for garnered some difficult responses when it first appeared in Swiss comic magazine, Strapazine. But, looking back at the idea, Mark found there was something about the story that haunted him and wanted to complete it.

THE OFF SWITCH is now a serialized comic on The End of Being! As Mark told TEoB: My idea was to create a kind of mysterious story set in a vaguely European setting. As influences I was thinking about the movies “Breathless”, and Orson Wells’ film “Mr. Arkadin”. Already, the atmosphere is tensing up and the shadows are creeping in. Please, enjoy reading, THE OFF SWITCH!

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  1. Paolo says:

    Ah, this is very good, new work from Mark Beyer!!! At last.

  2. Oh, gosh, I’m one of Mark’s biggest fans. What a rare treat.

  3. McGee says:

    Are we going to see continuing installments of this strip soon? Would be a shame not to!

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