BEAUTIFUL BEINGS – Seb Som Interviews Giuseppe Andrews

by Seb Som

Seb Som interviews Giuseppe Andrews

Giuseppe Andrews
(born Joey Andrews) is a filmmaker/musician who makes work like no other. He has acted in a few films like Cabin Fever and Detroit Rock City. I had the pleasure of interviewing him about his work and the universe:

SS – You release a lot of your work through online distribution, do you think all films will eventually be released this way?

GA – i have no idea,that’s just been the way it’s gone for awhile,all the downloading of films and music make sense just being able to receive the energy that way since all is energy, but it’s cool to have hard copies too of pieces so i’m sure it’ll be both for a very long time until we transcend into etheric cities or something.

SS – What is Eli Roth like? Do you guys keep in touch?

GA –
he’s awesome, really into cool art, i talked to him last year, i think when he wrote me about showing my films to his girlfriend who worked at a magazine, they were gonna do a filmmaker issue with a spread on me but it fell through.

SS –
Would you rather have a sold out performance at Madison Sqare Garden or a film premiere at Cannes… and why?

GA –
i’d rather just help people with my creative energy reminding them that they’re cosmic light inside physical forms and they’re an incredibly special part of god’s wild mind of love…but i’d love to do that in the form of playing at venues or showing a film at festivals, anything that gets the energy to more people ’cause there’s millions of beings who would find freedom, love and a cosmic friend in my work but both those things you mentioned sound like fun exciting experiences that i’d dig.

SS –
What is your opinion on Lady Gaga? Would you direct a music video for her?

GA –
i don’t know her and haven’t heard much of her music cause my energy isn’t drawn to it and i don’t want to direct music videos at all, any work with a camera i’d like to be for a film.

SS – What is your favorite childhood memory?

GA –
there’s so many, i came onto the scene down in florida and it was a magical place to spend those years…great moments that come to mind are learning all the lyrics to “going back to cali” by ll kool j and rapping it round the mobile home, meeting a boxer who said he was a champion at a hotel who turned out to be a fraud, snorkeling, eating neapolitan ice cream with the old lady next door, all the senior citizen neighbors, the old grocery store where a woman named “Honey” worked, and the theatre of the sea where dolphins would ride people on their backs and thousands of stray cats hung out.

SS –
If you and Tarantino got in a fight, who would win?

GA –
i don’t fight anything but bullshit that fucks beautiful beings up with lies, greed and other shit keeping them from their true creative purposes and joy, the system that keeps cosmic beings in a bullshit frame of mind of what existence is to make money off them, use them for their own sick games, perpetuate religions and fear keeping them small in their heads when they are the divine and we are one force of creative love light mind in a universe of co-creation, cosmic experience, self-exspression who should be completely sustained by the cosmos without these power-pigs who kill bodies with chemicals and enslave minds and hide the truths of the universe from them and deal with aliens and aren’t in so much awe of their beauty that they cry and explode love light everywhere but just act like it’s nothing and keep doing their slimy fuckin’ shit that that goes against the source’s love and plan for us all to have a mind-blowing co-creative experience together sharing our individual personalized sparks of lovemind in complete peace and health, anything that fucks with that truth i fight with my mind.

SS – What projects have you been working on recently?

GA –
i just released a record called “leave a message on my drum machine” which will be up at iTunes in a few days…i’ve written a script which will help change consciousness and free people from an old dead earth and help them make their journey to the new one where we will have true health, creativity, freedom, love and dream sharing, we are working on getting the funding for it and will be the deepest communication i’ve shared yet which goes back to your question up top,…an artist’s voice…that’s communication, VERY important,…the learning, the building of your energy to communicate deeper and deeper even without words, the expanse of your source-spark energy to reach people at deeper energy levels is very beautiful to learn about since it’s our mission here as artists to help beings transcend limitations and any feeling, thing keeping their love down to show them that we are all artists with very special sides of energy light from the creator, so i’m always happy when i learn more about communication in the wide free scope of that word…so next is a move, getting the film made and working on more music everyday which is equally large in my being as filmmaking, music is so incredible, the most healing force in the world along with love of course which all things are created and all things actually are essentially and other mediums of creation but i want to make films that can equal the energy experience of music, the experience of a record that sends your soul to heaven, a film can do this, i’ve seen films get in this area, hopefully i’ve made some, i don’t know but i want to make them like this, with the power of musical energy, that’s one of my soul-goals for i am in awe of this love called music which i participate in everyday.

SS – What is your least favorite film of all time?

GA –
i don’t have a least favorite or favorite anything except love vs’s my favorite, non-love’s my least favorite.

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