METAPHORICAL AVANT-GARDE — Yoan Capote’s Conceptual Sculpture

by Samantha Anne Carrillo

Cuban sculptor Yoan Capote’s conceptual sculptures tend to explore cultural themes rather than explicitly political ones. Examples of Capote’s artistic subjects range from prostitution (Carne, Lagrimal) to bureaucracy (Burocrático) to media consumption (Entertainment) to feminism (Top Feminist).

Born in 1977 in Pinar del Rio, Capote grew up during Cuba’s Special Period and learned to thrive amidst economic depression. Capote has created his own “command post” in Havana and says he’s one of a group of Cuban artists who don’t consider leaving Cuba their only option. “Artists right now have a lot of liberty [in Cuba]—about opinions and about mobility, says Capote, “It is a privilege.”  Capote explains his artistic methodology in the following paragraph, excerpted from an artist statement:

“My work has been the result of analyzing objects and their relationship with our body; studying their interface, representation and physical or sensorial possibilities. My working process begins by applying different physical, social and psychological situations to the hard surface of urban materials and standard objects. When we use objects, they are an extension of our body and are connected with all the habits and human needs that define our behavior. Each one of my works; nonetheless, imply symbolic levels and themes that allude to anything from individual concerns, to more general human circumstances. The common object is understood by its sculptural and symbolic qualities. Traditional materials used for sculpture and the simple shapes found in minimal art are also reevaluated and personified, with the conceptual intention of speaking metaphorically about ourselves…”

Scroll on to view selected works from Capote’s sculpture and installation series. Visit the artist’s website here to explore his work further.

Carne, 1998
Metal, enamel, ham or salami and knifes
210 x 85 x 25 cms


Entertainment, 2003
Cast concrete, plaster, steel, blue light
48 x 50 x 50 cms


Stress (monumental), 2010
Concrete and Cast bronze
860 x 200 x 200 cms


Autorretrato, 2008
Concrete and Cast bronze
175 x 50 x 50 cms


Nostalgia, 2004
Suitcase, bricks and cement
85 x 54 x 35 cms


Burocrático 2006, 2011
Wood and glass
104 x 102 x 180 cm


Casados II, 2004
8 x 80 x 40 cms


Impotencia, 2004
wood, metal, speakers and sound
250 x 320 x 250 cms


Top feminist, 2008
shoes, wood, and paint
245 x 50 x 50 cms


Lagrimal, 2001
Drink fountain system, chrome bronze, red wine and coins


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    Wow, Really interesting stuff. I like It.

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