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Screenwriter, playwright, poet, filmmaker and teacher, Billy Marshall Stoneking has been called "one of the most powerful voices in Australian literature." (24 Hours). His many publications and productions include the critically acclaimed play about Ezra Pound, SIXTEEN WORDS FOR WATER and the collection of poems, SINGING THE SNAKE (Angus & Robertson). Stoneking is also a much sought after script editor and story consultant. He was script editor of the award-winning Australian feature, Chopper (2000); and script editor/consultant on Darlene Johnson's much acclaimed short feature, Crocodile Dreaming (2007). More recently he edited Maya Newell's biographical documentary, RICHARD The Most Interestingest Person I've Ever Met, and was co-producer of the feature, SEEING THE ELEPHANT. He has also produced several docos, including Nosepeg's Movie (which he also wrote), Call It Poetry (50 mins, ABC-TV) and is currently in post on the feature documentary about Iran, WAKING THE MARTYRS.
Website: http://www.wheresthedrama.com
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POEMS OF LIFE AND DEATH – The Collected Works of Jas H Duke

POEMS OF LIFE & DEATH with hypertext – the collected works of jas h duke – An appreciation by Billy Marshall Stoneking

November 23, 2010 0
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ERIC BEACH – An Appreciation

I don’t care what anybody says; most of the poets I know are crazy. That’s why I like them.

August 11, 2010 0