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  1. orlando leibovitz says:


    This is an interesting site. Thanks. I will explore it in detail.


  2. Mimi says:

    Check out this fun event, register, propose a session, join us, October 2-3 at the National HIspanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque.

  3. Hi
    Tried to read the interview on me What’s So Dangerous About My Work by Anna Minzer and it’s missing.
    Please restore!

    Amy Greenfield

  4. justus says:

    I would like to be informed about upcoming features,thanks.

  5. I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your music! BRAVO on your musical choices!

    I found you because you were (very) kind enough to post a few of my paintings, and say a few good words about my work (posted 12/18/10) THANK YOU for that!

    I started exploring your posts, and eventually realized you have a sort of radio station going on. Once I started playing it I was hooked! Great stuff!

    I’m now in my studio, painting to the inspirational sounds you have so graciously posted for our entertainment and illumination! …

    Interesting music, and very interesting words!

    Again, MANY thanks! … I will now continue to enjoy it …

    RS Connett

  6. thomas says:

    i likeyour website a lot . cuold you please keep me updated. are there other avant garde websites?

  7. Flore kunst says:

    Thank you for good musical discoveries !
    If you want, you can take a look at my artworks:
    See you !

  8. Saxana Bernouli says:

    Your contribution is amazing. To me, it’s like a condenced chirality of marginal but omnipotent fashions, whose roots extend to deep ancestral “grounds”. As if the site has an eerie liveliness to it! I cherish the archetypal references and your sophisticated approach of presentation . Thank you.

  9. Whenever I try to put a link on my to this blog it gives me the message invalid request. What’s wrong?

  10. jan says:

    I’m writting from Turkey
    We watched your freak movie, like so much..
    Please never stop your art action…love you guys…….

  11. Fantastic site. It feels as if it was designed for me specifically. I’m telling my friends, excellent source of where to find great art.

    Keep up the valuable work.


    p.s. what-no cooking section?

  12. Chainsaw says:

    What’s the source of the Frau Trude picture?

  13. Bertrand says:

    do you have a newsletter?

    great site

    • redcell23 says:

      Thank you so much! We do not have a newsletter at this time. We have found that it can be counterproductive. But, please, keep checking back here to see what is new.

  14. thank you so much for postin our interview- i hope everyone will read it!
    nina zee

  15. Rajat Goswami says:


    Since you have made these films available for free online so can I screen the film for group of audience for my Film Club in India?

    With best wishes,

  16. Rajat Goswami says:

    I am asking for this film Andrei Rublev, Andrei Tarkovsky


  17. John Zewizz says:

    Well, I read the Interview…with JOHN ZEWIZZ. Not bad. I just wish it had more contributors. You are designed very well and have Great potential I would love to ‘Follow’ this spot. You got to take down that empty Radio Station & should replace it with Interviews or Phone Calls with ZEWIZZ you must have. (part #1) (part #2) (part #3) INTERVIEW-(Phone Call w/JOHN ZEWIZZ)…iz this not you ??? it would replace the empty DJ.
    I like you did the ZEWIZZ Interview in My spelling. Only thing iz..they are going to think I wrote the whole thing…thats quite natural when it kums to SLEEPCHAMBER. I’m sure I have worked for years with you. I’m very surprized that you did not contact Me for something ‘Special’ to upload for the SLEEPCHAMBER piece. Maybe you still will. You have great potential and should contact Me before the end ov this year (2016). Az I plan on hanging up the SLEEPCHAMBER coat. It no longer fits Me. After then…it will all be past history …All The Best in Your Efforts …F:AA:M ~ John Z.

  18. kel says:

    just found this site by chance. is it still active?

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