I can be very ‘silly’ and ‘stoopid’ (with two Oos), or very ‘profound’ and ‘serious’.
I can’t predict whether you’ll find me dumb, or conceited. Or slightly neurotic.
Or occasionally self-centered.
Or unbelievably goofy.
It’s all conjecture… until you get to know me better.
(And I let very few people close enough for that to happen).

Here is what friends have to say about me:
“LOL @ shitcock x 2!” (Kiki Johnson)
“Who let you in here?” (M. Base-Alpha)


  1. Diana Kaygarodova says:

    Came across you on the Di6 Facebook page and then ended up over here. Lovely interview with Douglas and Miro!

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  • […] If I may, I would like to share a few pictures on The End of Being that were taken by a virtual friend of mine, Niko. I first saw these photos posted on his Facebook account about a year ago. I thought those pictures were phenomenal for a few reasons: They were shot on film (rather than digitally) then scanned, are not photoshopped, nor artificially lit or staged. I always found that photos shot to film by analog camera have a wonderful graphic quality that I find myself missing nowadays. They also display a world which, apart from the new flashy technology we now have, has not changed much – alcoholism, despair, homelessness, poverty and abandonment are still very present today as they were when these pictures were taken in 1988 and 1989. These photos will probably be viewed by some as flawed, but to me they exude a rawness that I find missing in today’s ‘perfectly framed’ digital photography. Helene Burkholder […]

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