HERMANN NITSCH – Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters

Since about 1960, notorious Vienna Actionist, Hermann Nitsch has created carefully choreographed performance art installations with his DES ORGIEN MYSTERIEN THEATER, frequently involving cacophonous noise, buckets of blood, group action, animal dismemberment, and gory excesses of ritualistic spectacle.

Nitsch’s Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters founded in 1959, can be divided into three sections:

1) The philosophical- (the restoration of the relationship between mankind and existence)

2) the artistic-aesthetic operation (the complete work out of the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ principles)

3) the psychotherapeutic- (an ultimate catharsis will take place when participants become aware of the tension between life and death in order to obtain a unique insight into existence).

by Red Cell

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