Martin Back and Phil Mantione’s ATMOSPHERE EVO-LUTE

“Evolving Weather Music”

Atmosphere Evo-Lute is a continually evolving sound installation that uses atmospheric weather data as the impetus for a weeks-long musical work. As the show runs over the course of three weeks, every encounter with the piece will be subtly different as it shifts and grows with the weather conditions of Santa Fe. There is also a bastardized 12-string Aeolian Harp, usually played with the will of the wind but instead is using motor hum to send vibrations throughout its body and create incredible harmonic humming. Intertwined with these sounds are numbers spoken both loudly and subtly corresponding with flashing lights all using planetary alignment and charting to randomize their appearance in the mix. This event is currently running at the MOV-iN Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

There was also a performance by The Ancestral Groan Liberation Orchestra. AGLO is a collective of musicians with a wide range of musical training instigated by Martin Back, who gather to explore unorthodox methods of music making, including structured improvisation and graphic and text scores by the likes of Christian Wolff, John Cage, David Dunn, John Zorn as well as pieces by the members of the group.

BONUS! Radio Interview with Martin Back, Phil Mantione, and Red Cell by Mary Charlotte Domandi on KSFR about the show and art in general. Radio Cafe Interview




by Red Cell


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